Geopolitics (2): The US occupy a very favourable position

Contrary to Russia, the United States have a very favourable geopolitical position: The US are not confronted with the same restraints as Russia is, and have much more ‘manoeuvring space’. The US can operate on the exterior linesUS, geopolitics, worldmap, PNGThe United States occupy the same geopolitical position as Great Britain occupied in the European System, during the period 1495-1939.

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Types of terrorist attacks

Four typse of Terrorist attacks PNGPrevention and effective engagement of terrorist organisations require a thorough understanding of above characteristics, underlying ideologies and frustrations, etc. Combat engagement tends to fuel radical ideologies and frustrations, and are often counter-productive. The notion ‘fight against terror(ism)’ does not make sense: Terrorism is a method of fighting.

Types of terrorist attacks – how terrorists fight and organise – evolve. This process must be better understood, to improve prevention and engagement.