The United States has just limited its options

Not only North Korea is out of options, as I explain in an article with the title ‘North Korea is out of options‘, but now increasingly also the United States. By threatening North Korea to respond with military means in case of further provocations, the United States has seriously limited its options, in this – what has become a – ‘Chicken game.


Vice-President Pence of the United States – directed by president Trump – is now in search of an enemy, to find a stage to show America’s – and Trump’s – resolve.

In a sudden change of policy – with his impulsive missile strike on Syria – president Trump – the United States – now seems to be fully committed to the preservation of current international order, its ‘Pax Americana’. Even NATO is now declared no longer obsolete by Trump. Foreseeing that he – in the new ‘game’ he has started – could probably use some allies.

Trump behaves like a bull in a China shop. Not only figuratively, but also literrally in the case of North Korea.

China should and could have been involved more constructively in solving containing North Korea; because ‘if you break it‘ – North Korea – China will also ‘own‘ the most serious consequences.

The fact that Trump is prepared not to label China as a currency manipulator, in exchange for support on North Korea, shows – regardless whether China qualifies as such – his total lack of trustworthiness (it was a campaign promise), and his shallowness.

Threats – now made against North Korea – have to be credible to be effective. Because Trump lacks credibility in his own ‘America First‘ and has a highly inflated and vulnerable self worth, he feels a strong urge to proof his decisiveness.

Trump playing for strong man on the world stage, in combination with the current condition of the United States and the international order, create a dangerous mix.

What further aggravates this dangerous mix is that Trump does not seem to be surrounded by advisors that urge him to be more patient and restrained; to the contrary.