The purpose of ideologies


Ideologies enable the mobilisation of sufficient tensions to produce a next systemic war; ideologies help charge the System (Source photo).

From a system’s perspective, the ideology of ‘America First’ that is now ‘evolving’ in the United States, serves similar purposes as ideologies during (for example) the 1930’s in Europe: America First is used to (1) identify and create ‘threats’ and ‘enemies’ (to the United States’ security, culture and economy), that can be used to channel and further ‘mobilise’ fear for political purposes, to (2) justify the deployment of destructive energy (its armed forces), and to (3) mobilise additional resources (additional defence spending) to be prepared for the worst.

The ideology works as a self-fulfilling prophecy: The (aggressive) actions of United States will trigger responses that confirm its assumptions, and that will then be used to further reinforce this destructive dynamic.

Similar processes will be (and already are) triggered in other states. Each state will find sufficient justification to escalate its dubious actions: An anarchistic System will not disappoint: every state will get the enemies it ‘needs’.

The American First dynamic, and similar volatile dynamics of and in other states (Brexit, Russia’s assertive actions, etc.) are typical for high-connectivity regimes, when the (high) connectivity of the network of issues in the System (increasingly) hinders the release of tensions. Instead of being released, during high-connectivity regimes tensions and unsolved issues accumulate in the System, until the increasingly connected issues percolate the System, and cause the System to become critical and produce a systemic war.

The current American ‘dynamics’ and dynamics of other states ‘charge‘ the System for a next systemic war. During this systemic war – as was the case during its four predecessors – accumulated tensions will be used to design and implement an upgraded international order, that allows for a lower energy-state of the System and a new period of relative stability, that enables further growth and development. Until this dynamic repeats itself.