From emergent to deliberate control


Four war cycles were required in Europe, to replace emergent control of the energy-state of the System with deliberate control.

The theory of social integration and expansion I discuss in my research, defies common sense: It shows – contrary to what we assume (and want to believe) – that we do not control the System and its dynamics (we are integral parts of), but that in fact it is mostly the other way around; the System controls us.

Through a multitude of interactions at a micro-scale of the System (to fulfil basic requirements to survive), we produce a self-organised macro-dynamic, which then restraints and shapes these micro-interactions.

The finite-time singularity dynamic that was accompanied by four accelerating war cycles (1495-1945), is the macro-dynamic I refer to. This emergent dynamic increasingly (and unknowingly) narrowed our freedom of choice/action.

War because of its functionality, was ‘forced‘ on the elements (communities, later states) of the System. This dynamic was indispensable for the regulation of tensions and the survival of communities in the System, we interactively created. War is not about the survival of individual human beings, but about the survival of communities, that were interactively created to enhance individual survival changes.

So-called ‘theories‘ that were formulated during the period 1495-1945 and following the Second World War, in efforts to make sense of war – like Clausewitz theory ‘On War‘, and the predominant school of thought in international relations theory ‘Realism‘ – should not be confused with scientific theoriesThese ‘theories’ are doctrines and dogmas; products of the war dynamics of the System, that are used to justify war and destruction, as a ‘continuation of politics by other means’.

The fact that Clausewitz’s theory still applies is not proof of its scientific quality, but above all proof of our inability to fathom the workings of the System and the fundamental laws and mechanisms that underpin its dynamics. These theories are evidence of our ignorance and ability for collective self-deception.

The finite-time singularity that was accompanied by four accelerating war cycles and unfolded in the System during the period 1495-1945, and a (first) war cycle the globalised System is now producing (1945-….), constitute an emergent self-regulatory dynamic that regulates the energy-state of the System, to optimise the collective survival changes of communities.

Four war cycles (1495-1945) were necessary before this emergent mechanism could be replaced in Europe by a dedicated integrative hierarchy (that evolved into the European Union) and could deliberately control the tensions in the System, and avoid uncontrolled releases (war).

In a series of articles on this blog, I will explain how this regulatory mechanism emerged, and eventually – but also predictably – reached its ‘limits’ in 1939 and subsequently collapsed.