Geopolitics (2): The US occupy a very favourable position

Contrary to Russia, the United States have a very favourable geopolitical position: The US are not confronted with the same restraints as Russia is, and have much more ‘manoeuvring space’. The US can operate on the exterior linesUS, geopolitics, worldmap, PNGThe United States occupy the same geopolitical position as Great Britain occupied in the European System, during the period 1495-1939.

World-maps typically put Europe at the center of the map (a colonial leftover); by doing so, Europe’s role and centrality are overstated. When a map is used that put the US at its center, its favourable geopolitical position becomes clear.

In efforts to the control the System, the US are involved in numerous issues and wars around the world.  It should be reminded that the current international order – the United Nations, ‘Pax Americana‘ – is above all an American order; it is of US-design, and the US enjoy numerous (self-assigned) privileges.

The US have much – most – to loose with an eventual (unavoidable) upgrade of the System.

Its geopolitical position allows the US to ‘control from the center‘: It can also exploit the geopolitical disadvantages of its main rivals Russia and China.

‘Buffers’ are in integral part of the US its geopolitical strategy; at least until Trump became president.

Below map shows the buffers, the US also manage from the center.US, the map, met buffers, PNGBelow figure is a schematic depiction of this US-concept.US, geopolitics, the concept, PNGTo be continued.