The System is a network of events

The System is a network of events

The System, as I also argue in my research can also be considered a network of events. In case of the System, these events include kinetic activity (KA, war), issues, incidents and various developments.

Events are created – materialize – through interactions.

Because the System can be defined as a network of events; it is possible to make a distinction between the dynamics of this network (a network that includes states, issues between states and exchanges of energy and entropy (tensions) between them, from “technical” perspective), and the dynamics on this network. War can be considered as the dynamics on the network, generated by the underlying network of states.

These dynamics of and on the network of the System are subject to various laws and mechanisms, including: The laws of thermodynamics, the network effect (resulting in stability on the network) and system dynamics (e.g. the production of oscillations, in case of certain conditions).

In below figure, this “framework” is shown.

In this framework the interplay between the dynamics of and on the network of events that constitute the System is shown. These (sub)networks and their interplay is subject to the laws of Thermodynamics, etc.