Have and Have not countries: A new divide?

Have and Have not countries: A new divide?

The lack of coordination between countries with regard to their coronavirus containment strategies is is not without consequences.

Some countries are striving for complete elimination of the virus, such as China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, while others, such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, do not consider such an “all out” battle desirable.

The latter states do not consider the elimination of the virus feasible and sustainable, and accept that the virus is here to stay. Better build up immunity, is the reasoning. It takes too long to wait for a vaccine.

These completely different approaches are incompatible and the world will consequently be divided between “Haves” and “Have nots“, until a vaccine is available.

The question is how do we deal with this dualistic situation in the mean time?

The point is that the success of these countries (if achieved) can only be perpetuated if the isolation of these countries is maintained.

A visit by a person from a “Have” country is a potential risk for a “Have not” country. How to deal with international travellers, for example? Stop traveling?

This fundamental difference in approach is the result of a lack of international consultation and cooperation.

Hopefully these different approaches are not played out politically. The point is the different approaches also reflect different political ideologies and systems of government.

It is worrying that the United States and China are also opposed in this matter.

It will also further delay global economic recovery.