Democracy: Handle with care, failure is an option

Although democracy has undeniable strengths and advantages – and it can be argued, is the least bad method for governing – the current highly dysfunctional American president and US politics, show certain limitations to this method of governing. Democracy comes not without risks, when not handled with care, and responsibility.


Illustration from a recent Newsweek article: ‘The most dangerous man in the world’: Trump is violent, immature and insecure, psych experts say.

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There is much more to history and international relations

do not disturb-01

This is not a scientific attitude.

We are confronted with a daunting responsibility and task: To ensure we can accommodate a world population of 9.8 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100. The current population size is about 7.5 billion.

If, as I explained, the current failed states are not able to recover from their current dire condition, in 2100 almost 3 billion people will live in failed states, and not have access to basic facilities.

The mess we now create with 7 billion people is already unbelievably large: What will the world look like in 2100, if appropriate action is not taken urgently (and we get there)?

Not to mention the impact of climate change.

A better understanding of the workings of the System is crucial to find timely solutions. Science is indispensable.

However, we still only have a very rudimentary understanding of historical processes and international relations: These are ignorant ‘sciences’. The existence of ‘underlying’ highly deterministic laws – for example – is still ignored. Don’t disturb!

This fundamental shortcoming hampers us in our ability to shape the international system, and ensure our collective well-being.

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International relations theory doesn’t serve us well; on the contrary

Our understanding of the workings of the international system and international relations is still very rudimentary.

medical science

International Relations Theory is at the same level of ‘science’ as the medical ‘sciences’ during the Middel Ages: Both lack a scientific understanding of the phenomena they try – or pretend – to cure.

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The failure of sixteen years Afghanistan explained in 88 words


How can the United States and other (NATO) countries involved in the war in Afghanistan ever expect to convince the Afghan people that democracy is a superior system – that is based on mutual respect and free choice – when this message need to be  brought to them through destruction and violence by the armies of these countries?

‘Become a democrat, or I kill you’.

It is not going to work.

Marketing lesson one: The core values of the service you sell, and related communication must be consistent.

The Entropy Law and the collapse of the International Order.


Living systems – including social systems – require a certain level of order to be sustained. Entropy however, constantly increases. This is our challenge.

This is a somewhat theoretical article. In this article, I discuss entropy, and how the Entropy Law can be also used to better understand the dynamics of the System.

I will also discuss the Entropy Law – and its ‘applications’ – in a next publication, later this year. You can consider this article a preview.

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