Trump’s Afghanistan strategy: Escalation is more likely than a decrease in war violence and terrorism


Thumbs down for president Trump’s so called ‘strategy’

In this article, I evaluate America’s latest Afghanistan strategy – as it is called – which was presented by president Trump, yesterday. This is part I of the evaluation.

Trump’s so-called Afghanistan ‘strategy’ does not even meet the most basic requirements to ensure even a minimum of success, as I shall explain.

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No missiles to Guam, but North Korea’s threats are not removed


Another successful provocation – ‘trap’ – of North Korea for the United States.

The leadership of North Korea – Kim Jung Un – must walk a fine line to ensure its survival in the face of two existential threats: The continuous aggression of the United States and its allies, and the risk of social unrest and collapse in North Korea.

The last round of mutual threats and provocations, was a resounding success for Kim Jung Un – at least for now – who confirmed its hero-status at home, while the United States and its allies are still confronted with North Korea’s growing military capabilities.

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The United States and the international order are cracking under pressure


The United States’ internal destabilization and the current dire condition of the System are closely related. 

The United States’s moral decline and ‘moral destabilization’ are closely related to the overall destabilization of the (international) System, of which the United States is the most central component.

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The behaviour of the United States is self-destructive

John wayne

President Trump considers Hollywood’s version of the United States’ self-image to be reality. But even John Wayne knows better.

This week, through several statements, president Trump of the United States took friend and foe (again) by surprise. Led by his ‘gut feeling’ and a rather limited perspective on international politics and human relations, Trump issued a number of far-stretching warnings to North-Korea, and Venezuela, related to North-Korea’s provocations and Venezuela’s internal political struggles.

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‘North-Korea’ and further escalation of rivalries should not come as a surprise, Part 3


Front cover of the Clingendael Monitor 2017

In two preceding articles, I discussed the ‘Clingendael Strategic Monitor 2017’ with the title “Multi-Order”. This is the third and last article in this series. Contrary to what the Clingendael Institute and the ‘Monitor’ observe, I argue that the current international order is crumbling; its collapse is a matter of time.

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