Policy must be shaped by science

In this article, I discuss the “Clingendael Strategic Monitor 2017”, with the title “Multi-Order”. This is Part I, of a series of articles that evaluate and discuss the Clingendael Monitor.


Front cover of the Clingendael Monitor 2017

Clingendael is the ‘Netherlands Institute of International Relations’, located in The Hague, the seat of the Government of The Netherlands.

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We are ignorant and arrogant: We will pay the price

Free will

Free will: Are you sure? (Illustration: Source)

The war dynamics and development of the System – including the unfolding of the finite-time singularity dynamic, that was accompanied by four accelerating war cycles (1495-1945) – are powered by tensions (= energy) that are produced in anarchistic systems because of the intrinsic incompatibility between connectivity and anarchy. The drivers are population growth and rivalries between states.

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The United States has just limited its options

Not only North Korea is out of options, as I explain in an article with the title ‘North Korea is out of options‘, but now increasingly also the United States. By threatening North Korea to respond with military means in case of further provocations, the United States has seriously limited its options, in this – what has become a – ‘Chicken game.


Vice-President Pence of the United States – directed by president Trump – is now in search of an enemy, to find a stage to show America’s – and Trump’s – resolve.

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