A critical evaluation of “The Better Angels of Our Nature”, a study by Steven Pinker (4): Paradigm shift

Our limited understanding of the System’s (war) dynamics and development contributes to the dire condition of the System, and our impotence to take control over the System. It seems that humanities experience with war – our inability to take control – has caused a condition of collective learned helplessness.

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Emergence of self-regulation (4): From emergent to deliberate self-regulation



Architects control gravity, the alternative for control is collapse. We do not control tensions in anarchistic systems.

As I explained in the preceding chapter, collapse of the System was unavoidable and a matter of time. Physical laws that applied (and apply) to the System’s war dynamics – and produced a coherent finite-time singularity dynamic that was accompanied by four accelerating and highly consistent war cycles – made collapse not only unavoidable, but also highly predictable (not only that this would happen, but when).

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