The connectivity effect: Increasingly entangled in a web of issues

Indecisive 2

Too connected: Too many incoming signals complicate decision making, lead to confusion, and reluctance to take decisions (Figure: Roy Lichtenstein).

In my articles I now and then refer to the high connectivity regime of international orders, and to the connectivity effect.

In this article I explain the workings of the connectivity effect.

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North Korea’s collapse is a matter of time: Not ‘if’, but ‘how’.

This article was (not coincidentally) originally posted on January 20, 2017, President Trump’s inauguration day

Provoke to survive: a dysfunctional dynamic.

North Korea’s regularly provokes its neighbors (South Korea and Japan), the United States, and the United Nations, with aggressive behavior, and non-compliance with UN-resolutions that are imposed because of its nuclear and missile program.


How long can this dysfunctional dynamic continue?

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